Local business owner provides advice in wake of scary bounce house scene

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Just days after a small bounce house was lifted off the ground in Glens Falls, injuring two children in the process, a local business owner is advising parents to leave it to the professionals, Thursday.
Scott Smith, who owns "Scotty's Jump and Fun Party Rentals" in Rome, said that smaller bounce houses, while tending to be very light, also do not have the support of large stakes to help keep it pinned to the ground.
Because of this, the bounce house becomes more susceptible to being picked up and carried by the high winds.
However, professionals typically use bigger bounce houses that have much bigger 36" stakes, and also are required to have an employee supervise the activity to ensure no injuries occur.
"This was actually the type of stake that they were using to hold down that unit," said Smith. "That weighed 125 ponds, because the wind was over 20 miles per hour, there's no way that that was going to stay in the ground with a stake this size."

No charges have been filed by police at this time, but an investigation is still ongoing. 

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