Local businesses see Black Friday sales soar


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Black Friday weekend sales are up 7%, according to the National Retail Federation which comes as an early holiday gift for many local businesses who have been struggling this year.

"Black Friday should be called Survival Friday, because this is a time where retailers are just making enough money to make it in the black," says David B. Kiner, the Executive Director of Business and Economics at Utica College. "I think the strategy is just to make enough money in Black Friday to survive until 2012."

Kiner predicts the holiday season will end flat, but local retailers, like Sam Colozzi, are hoping for better.

Colozzi owns Colozzi's shops and predicts this year's Black Friday sales are just the start to a copious holiday shopping season.

"We needed a good, strong Black Friday, and we need a good December to salvage the year, and this Thanksgiving weekend was outstanding," says Colozzi. "Step One is down and Step Two is that we have a good December and then the year will be fine."

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