Local cheerleaders to compete in National Tournament

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - A local group of cheerleaders are about to get the chance of a lifetime.

The Marcy-Deerfield Thunder Cheerleaders have received the chance to compete in the National Tournament on December 10th, at Disney World in Florida.

The girls have been practicing together to earn a chance like this for years, and now that it is finally a reality, they couldn't be more excited to prepare.

"We have to raise $25,000 by the time we go, which is December 6," said Assistant Coach, Shauna DeLeonardo. "We have a bingo night coming up on Sunday, and have been asking for donations so anyway anyone wants to help, anything helps at all."

The girls will end up missing three days of school to attend the competition, something that they will just have to put up with for the amazing opportunity.

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