Local church celebrates 165 years of existence

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Hope Chapel AME Zion Church in Utica celebrated its 165th birthday on Sunday, after being created back in 1848. 

For over 74 years the chapel has been a place of worship for people of color in the city.
Over the years the church has been a major part of the civil rights movement and members have actively helped in disaster relief and community service projects.
David Mathis, a Trustee for Hope Chapel says the church  was a stop for escaped slaves on the underground railroad, " I think the founder Reverend Logan from Syracuse took a journey over here to establish chapel," Mathis said. "I think it was a difficult time because it was prior to civil war. Obviously there was a number of slaves moving up through the underground railroad and this was one of the stops. Many stayed in the community when they got here."
Mathis says every Sunday, Hope Chapel's doors are open to the public.
Next year, the church will celebrate 50 years at its location on South Street. 

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