Local couple say President's announcement on equal marriage "a big step forward"


LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - Many local gay marriage advocates feel President Obama's announcement Wednesday that he is backing gay marriage is a big step forward in the marriage equality cause.

One Little Falls couple are not only thrilled with the president's announcement, saying that they understand the risk involved with an election right around the corner.

Richard Vogt (vote) says he was just watching television when heard the news, nearly jumping out of his chair, both thrilled and even a little surprised. Now he thinks the president voicing his opinions for same sex marriage will lead to marriage equality beyond the state and on a federal level.

Despite New York State recognizing gay marriage, he and his partner, David Taylor, still pay more taxes than heterosexual couples. They feel the president's support will not only expedite the whole country recognizing same sex marriage but also help the gay youth.

"It's going to be so beneficial for them because they're gonna' realize that the president came out with this, and that's huge for them," Vogt said. "It's going to be so positive for them."

"It's a non-issue in Canada, in the Netherlands, why cant the United States of America follow along with everyone else," Taylor said. "We're a country and we should all be as individual as we can be."

Richard and David, who own the Stone Mill Inn say they see a lot of people with different views on marriage come in to stay, and that after meeting the couple, have a more open mind on same sex marriage.

David and Richard actually don't think this was a political move by Obama, but say they believe it's really him just speaking his mind, and a true sign of the country moving forward with gay rights.

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