Local farmers looking to change with the times

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Five local farms sat around a table today, brainstorming ways to better run their farms and keep up with the growing market.

The trend is right now is heading more in the direction of organic.

The farmers discussed market trends, finances, nutrition, pasture management and herd health.

Organic farmers say they face challenges that other farms don't, and it's good to have a support network to overcome those hurdles together.

"Having availability of land or losing property cause it takes three years for an organic farmer to certify land," said organic dairy farmer, Rex Seamon. "So with larger farms coming in they absorb prices we have to pay as well." 

And while the push to "go organic" seems relatively new, this series of meetings has actually been going on since 2005.

It's funded by the New York Organic Dairy Initiative.

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