Local firefighters in Boston to pay respects to fallen brothers

By WKTV News

BOSTON, MA (WKTV) - Firefighters from Utica and Rome traveled to Boston to say a final farewell to the two firefighters killed in last weeks nine-alarm fire, Wednesday.

Local firefighters boarded a bus to make the five-hour trip to pay their respects.

Although the local departments are not geographically close to the Boston, they want to show the families of the fallen their support, as they consider all fire fighters a part of their extended family.

"I speak for all of us there's no choice in the matter, it's a moral obligation of being a part of this and we owe it to their families to show them that they have the support from all over the country," said Rome fire fighter, Joe Zwijacz. "Hopefully that will help ease their pain a little bit and kind of just to reinforce that they're not alone."

Mass for Lieutenant Edward Walsh was held Wednesday morning.
The wake for fire fighter, Michael Kennedy, is scheduled for 2:30-8 p.m. Wednesday afternoon/evening.

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