Local gun owners protest New York State Safe Act


ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - Gun owners from all over New York State shot over to the Ilion Fish and Game Club, on a foggy afternoon, Saturday, in order to protest the 1st anniversary of the the New York Safe Act.

An estimated 25,000+ came out to take a (literal) shot as a way to show their dislike for the law that they believe is a violation of the 2nd Amendment, "Right to Bear Arms," and could therefore be considered unconstitutional.

"It's a terrible infringement on the right of the American citizens and especially New Yorkers," said Assemblywomen Claudia Tenney. "We're just here to commemorate that, to remind and strengthen the people who support our 2nd Ammendment rights to get out and continue to fight this."

Congressman Richard Hanna also attended the protest to show his support.

Both he and Tenney believe that the Safe Act hurts our own local firearms and ammunition company, Remington Arms.

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