Local illusionists see popularity continue to soar after America's Got Talent


They may not have made it to the next round of America's Got Talent on NBC, but local Illusionists Leon Etienne and Romy Low say they certainly had a grand time while it lasted on the show this season.

The magical duo already have a worldwide reach, but they say that through the course of the televised competition, it was absolutely heart warming to see just how much love comes from back home.

"We're so proud and can't believe how much the 315 area code, Central New York and Utica stood up and helped us on this journey," Etienne said Thursday.

With their several appearances on the show this season, the duo had to come up with brand new illusions for each episode to impress the judges, and they've had to create and master them in a much shorter period of time than they usually get.

"With our illusions, we have illusions that we've been performing for eight years together that we're still constantly improving and changing," said Low. "And the routine that we put together for this (week's) episode, we had about four and a half hours of rehearsal."

The two are enjoying the rest of their time in New York City before flying to Seattle and picking up their cruise ship tour. They say their touring schedule has certainly seen a boost from their appearances on the show, with a lot of opportunities and projects in the works that will continue to take them around the world.

"We'll be back in Central New York for a little bit in October and then we just hit the ground running for our fall tour," Etienne said. "That is going to bring us all over the place. Just from our original, first two episodes, the original episode in New York and the episode in Las Vegas, we've already got work offers and cruise ships across the country asking for us."

The two say not to count them out of the NBC competition just yet, and are asking their fans to help them push for what is referred to as a "Wild Card" spot on the show. They say people can do so by tweeting the show's judges (@howardstern, @heidiklum, @howiemandel, @officialmelb and @nbcagt) a message on Twitter asking them to "Please give @leonetienne a wild card spot!" and to use hashtags such as #nbcagt, #nbc, #agt, #wildcard and #nickinabox.

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