Local man going to Winter Olympics as statistician

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - One local man is going to the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Not as an athlete, but his role is just as important. Dean Kelly, the president of Jay-K Lumber, is also a results supervisor.

More specifically, he's a statistician. Kelly works for Omega Timing and is responsible for making sure the results of the curling competitions are accurate and send out to the world as quickly as possible.

This will be the fourth trip to the winter games. His first year, in Salt Lake City, Kelly attended as a volunteer. But in Torino, Vancouver and now Sochi, Kelly has served as a supervisor.

Like many of the athletes, Kelly is not concerned about security.

"I've been to Sochi two times," Kelly said. "I was there in December and for me, it was amazing to see all the security personnel doing training. Many are military and police officers training to go out to the different venues.

Kelly has been prepped to be patient when going through security checkpoints. He will be in the curling venue for the duration of the games.

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