Local man wants to make dog park in Little Falls a reality

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - A plot of land on Shellsbush Road in Little Falls could be the future home of Herkimer County's first dog park by fall, if all goes as planned.

Ed View says $550 has already been raised, but $6,000 is needed to make it happen. The plan is to have a giant fenced-in area divided in two -- one half for big dogs and one half for small dogs.

"This is perfect," View, the dog park developer, said. "There's no one to bother you. Put it somewhere so it's not near anybody's house...The camaraderie between a dog and a person and another dog and a person is unbelievable."

The land is owned by the East Herkimer Snow Riders, who are also handling the money for the project.

For businesses interested in donating, a sign that will hang on the fence can be purchased. Membership will be $35 for one dog per year, and up to three dogs for $65.

To donate, mail checks payable to the East Herkimer Snow Riders and send to P.O. box 574, Herkimer, NY 13350.


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