Local military families running the 6,553 miles to Afghanistan


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) -- Local military families are closing the distance from here to Afghanistan one step at a time.

It's 6,553 miles from Fort Drum in New York to Bagram, Afghanistan and military families are walking or running it all.

"Our brigade out of Fort Drum has an initiative for families to stay motivated through the deployment to log miles, so hopefully all of us back here can reach that goal and complete the miles to our loved ones back there," said Sabrina Fryman, whose husband is currently in Bagram, Afghanistan.

She's run 450 miles since her husband, Sergeant David Fryman, deployed on April 11. He shadows all of her runs, even planning the Boilermaker in Afghanistan this year.

"He has a list of my runs and when he knows I have a 5K or a 10K or the Boilermaker coming up, he makes sure that  he does the same miles and we talk about how the run went, how we felt afterwards and our daughter runs too," said Sabrina.

"I feel like he's with me. It's one thing I can have with me to make me feel like he's right there and doing my first half marathon I know he wanted to be there with me. It was a very special run for me and he did run it that day and it was touching and I could feel his spirit and presence with me guiding me through the rest of the race," she said.

Sabrina runs by the veteran's memorial in New Hartford every day. She said it's important to remember the sacrifices made for the United States, especially this Wednesday, the twelfth anniversary of September 11.

"As Americans, its a time to reflect and a time to be proud of where we are as a country. I know that he's over there fighting to keep us safe, he's fighting for the rights of others and he loves that," she said.

This time of year holds another significance for Sabrina. It's been one year since she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. She's better, but it's another reason for her to keep running.

"It's out in Albany, the Woman's Cancer Care Clinic, St. Peter's Hospital, this is their, I believe their twelfth year they're doing a 5K run to benefit Ovarian Cancer research, so I'll be doing that 5K race Sunday and he'll be shadowing me," she said. "It's just something that keeps our family together and makes us happy to do."

Sabrina hopes her husband will be home in February. Until then, they'll keep running.

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