Local officers currently in training for situations such as CT shooting


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Local police officers train and prepare themselves for days like Friday when a shooter killed more than 20 people at an elementary school in Connecticut.

In fact, Utica Police officers just this week are taking part in active shooter training at the Homeland Security Training Center in Oriskany.

Utica Police Department officials say even though it's a sanitized situation, the training is crucial in preparing officers for the real thing.

"The adrenaline and all the things that go on when we encounter these types of scenarios and the training generally takes over and the emotion goes away," said Sgt. Steve Hauck of UPD. "When you're excited and you're upset, you always revert back to your training. At least that's the hope"

Each Utica Police Officer spends several days each month training in various scenarios.

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