Local officials lay out possible plan to 'Cure the Core'

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - After listening to the public's concerns over the controversial Common Core over the past few weeks, local officials finally weighed in on possible solutions, Wednesday.

Assemblyman Marc Butler held a news conference to introduce the State Assembly's "apple" plan to local educators.

The eight-point plan contains what Butler believes to be workable solutions that will improve and reform the Common Core standards.

Two of the eight points listed in the plan include evaluating state assessments and curriculum, and restricting the use of student data, both of which have come under heavy fire since the Common Core was announced.

"Our report essentially recommends that the rushed implementation of Common Core be halted, and that time be given to properly evaluate the standards," Butler said.

The plan was created after Butler and fellow Assemblymembers attended 11 public hearings throughout New York State regarding the Common Core standards.

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