Local organizations participating in National Mentoring Month


(WKTV) - January marks National Mentoring Month in the United States, and local organizations are dedicated to promoting mentoring and providing positive role models for people in need, across the country.

With the first month of the year now in full swing, The Center for Family Life and Recovery's (CFLR) Compeer Program is looking to get people of the Mohawk Valley involved in the National Mentoring Month as much as possible.

The Center is asking the public to volunteer their time to help "at risk kids," "veterans who need guidance," and "those who have substance abuse problems," find comfort and direction during their time of need.

The program is looking for people to invest just four hours a month to help their cause, and believe that a little time spent volunteering could go a long way to help the lives of their peers.

"We have one to one mentors, we have the grand peer program with senior adults, we have the youth programs with buddies and one to one mentorships with them," said Judy Reilly of CFLR. "Pals, email buddies, and so much more. Just all types of mentorships."

People who may be interested in volunteering their time to help the CFLR and their efforts, you may call their number at 768-2641, or head our Newslinks page for a direct link to their site.

In addition to the CFLR, a local organization called "Big Brother, Big Sister" is also joining the search for mentors and role models.

On Tuesday, Paul Stern of the Big Brother, Big Sister organization sat down with Newschannel 2 to discuss their goals for National Mentoring Month.

You can view the interview with Paul Stern in its entirety for more information by clicking on the link below:


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