Local phenomenon lights up sky over CNY

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) -- A lot of people are talking about a local phenomenon that's lighting up the night sky.

Pictures sent in from NEWSChannel 2 viewers show lights from street lamps and headlights projecting into the sky creating these pillars.

They were seen all over Utica, New Hartford, Rome, Old Forge, and more.

The strange sight caught a lot of people's attention, so we asked WKTV meteorologist Bill Kardas what makes this happen and it turns out it's pretty rare.

"Last nights light pillar is really rare to have because it has to be really, really cold and you have to have light snow in the air and it has to be below zero. Normally, when it's really cold, it's really dry and you don't have snow. So everything kind of just worked together last night for seeing the light pillar," said Kardas.

If you head north, you have a better chance of seeing these cool lights because the higher the altitude, the colder it gets.

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