Local politicians promote Proposition One


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - As election season creeps upon the community, politicians are voicing their opinions and increasing efforts to get certain items passed, including Proposition One. Assembly member, Anthony Brindisi and County Executive, Anthony Picente held a press conference on Tuesday, promoting Proposition One and voicing their opinions on why the local economy and community will benefit.

Proposition One, otherwise known as The New York Gaming and Economic Development Act will be on the ballot Tuesday November 5th, giving voters the option to vote yes or no to four casinos in three designated areas, The Capital District, Southern Tier and in the Catskills.

The plan was already passed by the Assembly and Senate and signed into law by Governor Cuomo. It mandates that every dollar in tax revenue generated from the new casinos will go to aid for school districts, property tax relief and aid local governments.

The Assemblyman and County Executive encourage voters to vote yes to Proposition One. Picente said, " It is about jobs, it is about growth, it's about tourism. People point to other examples in the country, as I stated, states around us are flourishing in different areas regarding this," while Brindisi's opinion was, " When it comes to more money for schools, tax relief for our hardworking families and the potential to bring tourists from outside of the state to tour all of New York, I have one thing to say...jackpot!"

Prop One is going to potentially bring a lot of money back into the state and county generating economic activity. According to Brindisi if Prop One is implemented, 10,000 plus jobs will be created in the state; Brindisi also said along with the recently approved Oneida Indian Nation agreement, $18.8 million dollars a year will come to Oneida County and from that $3.8 million will go to school aid and property tax relief.

The land claim agreement with the Oneida Indian Nation stays in place even if Prop One is defeated.

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