Local residents weigh in about the importance of Memorial Day


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV)- Memorial day was celebrated across the Mohawk Valley on Monday, as local residents honored the service men and women, who have fought and continue to fight for the United States.

Many locals say although it's nice to enjoy the day off with family and friends, Memorial Day is about so much more.

Memorial day was a holiday created after the Civil War. It gave United States citizens a way to honor the people who run towards the front line, while everyone else is running away.
Debbie Bruno, of Oriskany Falls, says many of her family members fought in multiple American wars and it is a special day for her to honor them, "Memorial day means freedom of speech, freedom to live the way we live, we're very lucky," Bruno said. "My brother served in the Vietnam war and he's still with us, he was very lucky, but he had friends we lost."
Other parade goers celebrating Memorial Day 2014 were proud parents of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and family members of individuals currently serving.
An 8-year-old Utica girl says her father is currently serving in the Air Force. 
"I want to say Happy Memorial Day Camron," Anijah Buckingham said, "It's your daughter Anijah, I love you!"
Mohawk Valley residents agree that American soldiers should be celebrated all year round. 

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