Local schools heighten security after Newtown shooting

By Hilary Lane

Local schools are beefing up security in response to the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday that left 27 people dead at an elementary school.

Representatives from the New Hartford, Utica, and Poland Central School districts said they are all working with local police forces to increase security presence in their respective areas.

Also, each of the districts are tightening measures already in place such as single point of entries, visitors signing in and out, and regular emergency drills.

Counselors are also on hand in each of the schools to help students who may be having a difficult time understanding or coping with the events that have transpired.

The superintendent of the New Hartford School District said staff are instructed to address concerns without raising new ones.

"They will provide clarification if students are talking about it, or refer them to counseling services," said Robert Nole, Superintendent of New Hartford Schools. "If it does come up, they are talking about the safety procedures that we have in place and how important it is for us to follow our safety procedures.

In addition, school representatives said they have sent letters home to parents which further detail security measures already in place.

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