Local teacher nominated for "Amazing" award

By WKTV News

CLINTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - A local teacher has been nominated for a very special award.
Kristen Hall, from Clinton, was nominated for the "Appsalutely Amazing Teacher" Award by one of her students.
"Appsalutely," stands for "ADHD And Autism Psychological Services and Advocacy," which is the group presenting the award to the teachers.
Hall runs the tutoring center at Clinton High School for grades 9-12. She helps students get a better grasp on the curriculum, helps them get organized, and also motivates them to give it their all.

"To have someone you can count on, I see the same kids for four years in a row. We become familiar with each other, I know what they need," Hall said. "And they know if they need something, I'm a person they can come to." 

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