Local teen appears on Weather Channel, "wish" comes true

15-year-old Nick Rodick of West Winfield has been infatuated by the weather ever since he can remember and on Sunday morning, he made an appearance on The Weather Channel.

Rodick has been diagnosed with Von Hippel-Lindau disease, or VHL.
It is a life-threatening neurological disease that right now is causing Nick to lose his eyesight.
The Make-A-Wish Foundation Central New York then set up Nick's 'wish,' which was to go storm chasing with The Discovery Channel's host of the show called 'Storm Chasers,' Reed Timmer.
On Saturday, Nick met up with Timmer in Norman, Oklahoma.
Bethann Kispner, of Make-A-Wish, told NEWSChannel 2 on Saturday that it is an honor to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses. She said, "If a kid can wish it or dream it, we can make it happen, and when your in the business of granted wishes no is not an option."
Rodick was on The Weather Channel Sunday morning live from Oklahoma to discuss the upcoming trip.
He was at dinner last night when he met Timmer. Rodick explains the surprise saying, "I was actually sitting down to eat, and he came up behind me and I was like, kind of shaking, and it was amazing to meet him."
Rodick and Timmer began their four-day storm chase Sunday afternoon.
Before they left, Rodick was interviewed on the Weather Channel. Rodick was asked what got him to like the weather so much. He responded, "There was this meteorologist that came into my school, I was about 3rd or 4th grade, his name is Bill Kardas."
NEWSChannel 2 Meteorologist Bill Kardas has become somewhat of a mentor to Nick, and even 'grades' Nick's daily forecasts.
Kardas says he is inspired by Nick. Bill said, "He's such a trooper.  He just is an amazing kid to go through the things he's gone through in life and to have such a positive outlook, it's amazing."
Nick's storm chasing adventures will be streamed live online.

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