Local woman pushes for return of County Humane Officer


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - One New York Mills woman is proposing the Oneida County Legislature bring back their humane officer position. She's planning to speak to the board of legislatures on Wednesday December 26th, pitching that a county humane officer would reduce the number of local animal abuse cases.

While some municipalities have an animal control officer, Rebecca Yoxall, of New York Mills feels it's not enough.

"Animals, they have no help without an investigator they just don't," said Yoxall. "They're stuck in these houses stuck outside, the more severe cases they're beaten, stabbed so on, we've all seen it nothing gets done."

Jerry Kraus of the Stevens-Swan Humane Society as well as many local law makers are behind the plan.
Kraus says the last time the county contracted an investigator with them was 2004 at the cost of $37,000. He sees a huge need to bring the position back.

"People are leaving their apartment and go to the next, they abandon them they abandon them and tie them to trees, guard rails, they tie them to our fences here at the Stevens-Swan Humane Society," said Kraus. "We need people to investigate these cases of abuse and bring these cases to justice."

Jerry Kraus will join Rebecca Yoxall speaking at the Oneida County Legislature on Wednesday the 26th at 2 pm in support of this proposal. The meeting is open to the public.

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