Local woman to stay outside for five days in animal rights protest


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - A local woman is braving the cold for 100 hours outside, in protest of animal right laws, starting Wednesday.

Kim Strong, a local animal advocate chained herself to a pole with a dog collar near the headquarters for Lainey's Army on Commercial Drive in New Hartford.

She remaining there for five days.

Strong is using the five-day protest to advocate for the better treatment of animals, specifically referencing the treatment of the dog Lainey, the namesake for the animal rights organization.

She is protesting Judge Barry Donalty's sentencing over Lainey's owner, Ian West, for five years probation after starving the dog for 42 days, leading to her death.

The protest is in hopes that the Judge would reconsider his decision and that other people will join in the fight against animal cruelty.

"I have layers and layers of clothes and mittens, and people can buy me warmth," said Strong. "That money will be donated to medical funds of all shelters and rescues because these cases are going to keep happening, because there's no consequence."

Those who want to sign Strong's petition against the Judges sentence, can do so at 4624 Commercial Drive in New Hartford.

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