Locals rally around sick toddler

By WKTV News

DEERFIELD, N.Y (WKTV) - The community rallied together to support a 20-month-old baby fighting a rare genetic disorder with no cure, Sunday.
The benefit was for Ayden Mosher.
Ayden lives in Herkimer and was born with stage 4 kidney disease, and has to go on dialysis for 10 hours each night.
He uses a feeding tube to get most of his nutrients. 
It was held at the Eagles Club on Cosby Manor Road, and there was food, fun, games and raffles. 
However, the fun day was primarily to raise money for little Ayden for when his family has take him to Boston for a kidney transplant.
"There are certain weight limits he needs to meet before we go there," said Cindy Davis, Ayden's mother. "But we are hopeful he'll have his transplant this year."

Davis said she is beyond appreciative for the friends, family and complete strangers who came out to support baby Ayden.   

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