Longtime local DJ makes leap to Bug Country

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - A well-known local radio personality has made the leap to Bug Country.

Matt Herkimer has been a familiar voice on country radio locally for the past 25 years. Monday, the radio veteran starts his second quarter-century in broadcasting at a new home.

It's his first day at a new gig at Bug Country, 99.7 and 101.1. Herkimer used to be with Big Frog.

Herkimer says he's looking forward to the chance and continuing to connect with listeners like only a DJ can.

"I mean, you can do things digitally through Facebook and tweeting, but I always say the difference is like either texting your mother on Mother's Day, or calling her on Mother's Day," Herkimer said. "When you hear the voice, there's that connecting that you really don't get through a keyboard."

A Vietnam veteran, Herkimer's first act at Bug Country will be dropping off toys at the Veteran's Outreach Center in Utica on Monday to help ensure veterans' children have a merry Christmas.

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