Longtime local radio host passes away

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Radio Station 92.7 TheDRIVE has announced that radio host Frank McBride passed away Tuesday morning.

"This is a sad time for us here at the station, as well as in the Mohawk valley, said station co-owner Mindy Barstein. "Our co-worker, a member of our family, Frank McBride passed away Tuesday morning," station Program Director Tom Starr stated. "Frank was a passionate and loyal man who loved his family, his friends, his community, his country and his profession. He took great joy from being on the radio. He entertained, informed and sometimes provoked you. Through our many chats, Frank always stressed how important our work was... how we reach out to people and support Utica. It was our privilege that frank spent his last years with us. It is unbelievable that he won't be walking through our doors one last time bellowing out, "Hi, honey, I'm home!" because this was his home. To his mom, his brother and all his family, I know that you join me in sending our sympathies."

Station Program Director Tom Starr said The DRIVE lost a member of their family and that Central New York listeners lost a good friend on the airwaves with McBride's passing.

"Frank's presence on the FM dial in Central New York spanned decades. While he was on different stations during his broadcasting career, Frank was always his own man. He loved the medium, the music, the listeners and this community," Starr stated. "Frank was the perfect name... because he was. He always let you know exactly what he thought. But beneath that gruff exterior was a teddy bear of a guy - someone quick to laugh at himself, always willing to share good ideas that helped the people he worked with and clients he worked for achieve better results."

Starr went on to say that what made Frank special to listeners and friends was the way he engaged them day in and day out. When he signed on 'from high atop the Jim Brock Building in my home town of Utica, New York' each weekday, Starr said you knew you could count on hearing things unique to that moment in time on each day's Big Show.

"He inspired us - and will continue to do so, by demonstrating daily the ways local radio can play a vital and meaningful role in communities it serves and play a positive role in the life of listeners," he said. "Frank's absence brings us a better understanding of how the E Street Band feels without its Big man, Clarence Clemens. Both were one-of-a-kind and both leave shoes too big for anyone to fill. But both also lived life to its fullest while here, and we honor them by carrying on and doing our best to bring a bit of what made each of them so special to others to what we do each day. We extend our condolences to Frank's family, friends and the family of listeners and clients he held dear. R.I.P. - ROCK in Peace, Frank."

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