Low voter turnout expected as polls open for primary

By WKTV News

Polling sites just opened at Noon for the Federal Primary, and while initial voter turnout appeared to be low, that came as no surprise to election officials, who say they often see low voter turnout when it comes to primaries.

Election officials say while primaries generally see low voter numbers, and those numbers are expected to be even lower since the primary has been moved to June instead of September.

"Everybody is focused on making a living," said Pamela Mandryck, Republican Elections Commissioner. "With the number of primaries we have this year, this is the second. We are going to have another one in September on the 13th. By the time we get to November, people are going to (feel) voted out. They run out of interest and patience honestly."

Tuesday is the primary for Congress and U.S. Senate. In September, primaries will be held for the local positions

"The person that I voted for, I want to see that he wins the primary and I think it is very important to get the right candidate in the right job," said Dane Evans of Utica who was voting on Tuesday.

The primary date was moved up to give enough time for military ballots to be distributed and counted.

Polling places will be open until 9 p.m.

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