MVCC participates in new Veterans Training Program


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Mohawk Valley Community College is working closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Department of Labor to participate in a new Veterans Training Program.

"This is a special program that was signed into law last year," said Zyn Jackiw, coordinator at the Veteran's Office at MVCC.

That program is called the Veterans Retraining Assistance Program, or VRAP, part of the government's VOW to Hire Heroes Act 2011. Now veterans can go back to school, so they can get back to work.

"Well, there are so many vets out there that are looking for work that don't have job skills and this is one way of assisting those people that have exhausted their eligibility or time limitations, helping them get back into the workforce," explained Jackiw.

There are some eligibility requirements for the program:

*You must be at least 35 years old, but not older than 60.

*You must be unemployed.

*You received anything other than a dishonorable discharge.

*You're not eligible for any other VA education program

*You are not a recipient of VA compensation due to being unemployed

*You are not enrolled in a federal or state training program.

"(They) would get $1,473 dollars to go to school," Jackiw said. "They can use it for a program for an Associates Degree, a certificate program, anything that the VA deems to be in a high demand job area."

The VA is only accepting 44,000 applications this year. If you're interested, officials suggest acting as soon as possible.

"Officially, the program begins July 1, but the VA is accepting applications for the program now," said Jackiw

For more information, you can contact the Veterans Office at MVCC at (315) 792-5502.

A list of high demand occupations can be found by clicking here.

A direct link to contact a
Veterans Coordinator can be found here.

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