Magical duo talk about America's Got Talent, what lies ahead


The night that Illusionist Leon Etienne and his partner Romy Low wowed a national audience on a taped episode NBC's America's Got Talent, the two were in Alaska preparing for live performances.

It meant that the magical duo had to watch their national debut online, even though the Mohawk Valley they hail from were glued to their television sets, rooting the pair on in the quest for the reality show title.

Etienne and Low received unanimous approval from the America's Got Talent judges Tuesday night and will now move forward to the next round of the reality talent show in Las Vegas. However, even they don't know when that lies ahead and continue performing around the world until the show lets them know of their next move.

While they always call Central New York home, the pair have had so much success in recent years that they find themselves spending less time there as they continue to travel the world and perform.

While audiences only got to see a quick, roughly 90 second glimpse of the pair in action in front of the America's Got Talent judges, Etienne says those brief moments were the culmination of years of work.

"What you guys saw last night, was, what, maybe 90 seconds, but that's taken me, 17 years to get to those 90 seconds and Romy at least another 8 years, of working with me, plus she had her own performance background in Australia," Etienne said. "So, what you guys saw in 90 seconds, a very cut up 90 seconds, was our entire lifetime of work."

**Click the video for a full, 8 minute interview with the pair the day after their appearance on America's Got Talent.**

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