Man goes under while tubing in the West Canada Creek


TOWN OF NEWPORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - Emergency crews from several departments, including boat and air rescue, spent Friday night searching for a Town of Newport man in the West Canada Creek. According to Mark Farrell, the Newport Fire Chief, the man who is believed to be in his forties was tubing with friends when he went under and never came back up. 

Chief Farrell said the call came in around 6:15p.m. He dispatched for assistance from the Poland and Oriskany Fire Department's as well as New York State Police and the Oneida County Rescue Team. 

The crews were searching within the vicinity of what is believed to be the victim's last location, near Poland Sand and Gravel off of Route 28.

 Chief Farrell said many things could have caused the Newport man to go under.

 "There is some fast moving water in the creek," Farrell said. "They were in slow water they got out of tubes and into the fast moving water. It could have drifted him underneath the water." 

 Bud Koss, the Assistant Fire Chief for the Oriskany Fire Department said they were completing what they call a "grid search."

 "We go back and forth, trying to get a visual," Koss said. "Looking for holes in the bottom of the water, fishing poles, down logs and big rocks;  anything that can snag on something keep you from floating."

The search will resume Saturday morning covering a larger area of the creek.

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