Man involved in Oneida Castle standoff in July arrested again

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - An 82-year-old Hamilton man who was sentenced to three years probation in February for a standoff with police in Oneida Castle in July, has been arrested again, the Oneida County Sheriff's Office said.

Garth Brink, 82, of Hamilton, is charged with aggravated family offense and criminal contempt in the second degree.

According to officials, Brink was arrested on Thursday on an arrest warrant for the criminal contempt charge. Upon further investigation, Brink was then charged with the family offense charge. Both charges stem from a domestic incident on Wednesday at a home in the Village of Oneida Castle.

Brink was sent to the Oneida County Jail on a $50,000 cash bond or $100,000 property bond.

Brink pleaded guilty to a reckless endangerment and criminal contempt charge and was sentenced to three years probation in February. Police said during a standoff in Oneida Castle in July, Brink threatened to kill himself and the woman he lived with if authorities didn't back off. Many neighbors at the time said they suspected he forgot to take his Parkinson's medication that day.

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