Man seeks justice for shooting death of his dog

By WKTV News

TRENTON, N.Y. (WKTV) A local man wants action taken after he claims his beloved German Shepherd was shot to death by a retired state trooper.

The shooting happened Wednesday, August 24, at the Trenton Greenbelt Trails, where Bernard Sperfeld says he walked his dog Shadow every day. Sperfeld claims that the day before, he'd encountered a woman he'd seen there a few times riding a mountain bike, and that he told her the bikes were prohibited. Sperfeld claims the woman became angry, and told him she had 'connections' and would take care of him and his dog.

The next day, Sperfeld claims Anthony Randazzo, whom he'd seen with the woman before, came to the Greenbelt Trails. Sperfeld says Shadow ran toward the man, but never got closer than 30-40 feet when Randazzo allegedly shot the dog, disabling him. Sperfeld says Randazzo walked toward the dog and shot him again, at close range. Signs at the trails say that dogs must be kept under control at all times, but do not specify that they must be leashed.

"He was standing here by this board, and the first shot was right here, you see this little pile? That's where the dog got the first shot in the shoulder and he got no more use of his front leg," said Sperfeld.

Sperfeld says he became so despondent over the dog's death that he thought about taking his own life. Now he wants to see justice for his former pet.

NYS Police Captain Francis Coots confirms state police are investigating their former employee and conferring with the Oneida County District Attorney's Office to determine whether or not a crime has been committed, and claims his former employment will have no bearing on the investigation.

"We're going to investigate this. We're going to investigate it fully, and we're going to make a decision on the facts and not because of who he used to work for or because someone's upset because a dog was killed. We're going to base it on the facts," says Coots.

NEWSChannel 2 has been unable to reach Randazzo for comment.

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