Man's arrest brings back mother's pain


YORKVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - Deborah Groves was watching the news while getting ready for bed, Tuesday night, when she heard the name, Earl Wright.
"It felt like somebody ripped my heart out," said Groves.
Earl Wright is the man who served nine years of his 12-year prison sentence for his manslaughter plea in connection to her teenaged daughter Desiree Case's brutal killing in February of 2000.  Wright plead guilty to manslaughter after Joseph Smith, originally charged with and convicted of Case's murder, was cleared. 

Wright is in the news again, arrested this week after a high-speed chase with Utica Police, who say Wright had drugs and a loaded gun. Hearing Wright's name in the news brought Deborah Groves back to February 26, 2000-the day her daughter's body was found stabbed and strangled to death in a west Utica apartment.
"Not that her memory isn't there every day, we live with it every day but the holidays seem really hard."
Groves says what makes the tragedy even more difficult is the fact that now, even her grandchildren are paying the price.
"With all the grandkids that I have, and the older ones, to have to hear about it on the news or hear it from the kids at school. I know what my kids went through hearing it from the kids at school, I didn't want another generation to go through that. It was hard."
Wright was a passenger in the high-speed chase overnight Monday into Tuesday. He ultimately got out of the car and surrendered to police.

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