Many DirecTV subscribers unhappy about losing Viacom channels


Millions of DirecTV subscribers are unable to watch some of their favorite television programs for the second straight day Thursday after the television provider dropped 26 channels owned by Viacom, including MTV, VH1, BET, and Nickelodeon.

The two companies could not reach an agreement on subscriber fees before their 7 year deal expired.

According to a Direct TV statement, "Viacom is seeking a 30% increase or $1 billion more than the previous deal."

Viacom responded, "Its a few pennies per subscriber."

Currently, Direct TV customers see a black screen when they try to watch their favorite Viacom channels and that isn't sitting well with local customers.

"When they are no longer there, you figure somebody is just taking advantage of you," said Sharon Ackerman of Rome, who is a DirecTV customer. "They just want your dollars, but they are not willing to give anything back."

"It makes me very upset because I do watch those channels and I have to find it on the internet which is hard because sometimes they don't have it," said Britney Sprague, DirecTV customer in Whitesboro. "It is just very hard and frustrating,"

No word if/when the two companies will reach an agreement.

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