Many marathon runners remain shock, stunned


BOSTON, Ma (WKTV) - Many runners of the 2013 Boston Marathon remained in shock Tuesday, still trying to comprehend all that happened when an explosion at the finish line killed three people and injured dozens more.

"I'm stunned, shocked, still don't really know what I think," said Leslie Jones of Vancouver. "It's horrible, horrible."

Christy Duffner, of Atlanta echoed those sentiments.

"It was horrific, terrifying, sad," Duffner said. "The whole thing just terrible."

Whether they heard the two bombs go off or not a day after the Boston Marathon, many runners remain in disbelief at just how close they or their friends and family came to severe injuries or even death.

"We heard the explosions, one after the other," said Duffner. "Sounded like a plane crash."

While Duffner was able to finish the race before the explosions, hundreds of runners could not, but many of those say they are more thankful to have their friends and families safe than any medals.

Hundreds of runners left their hotels Tuesday not showing the same excitement that's usually seen after a marathon. Instead, they were all just anxious to get home.

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