Many residents braving the storm with the help of a cocktail


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - With a snow emergency declared in Utica and a number of towns Friday, many people decided to forego the Friday night festivities and stay in. Some people even hit the liquor stores to make the best of the storm, staying inside.

"I'm making Thai food and getting plum wine, I thought that'd be a good combination," said Rosario Bellassai.

"Yeah I'm stocking up for the storm," said Jackson Joseph. "You know gotta stay warm you know what I'm saying."

Employees at City Liquors said they noticed a difference with the snow, making for a little busier of a night and people coming in earlier than usual.

"Usually they come after work or after 5 but there was a big rush around 3 o'clock," said Kevin Cappiello. "People expect the snow to come earlier too, and when it didn't I think they saw an opportunity to go get their liquor wine and have a good night."

Many people thought having a good night at home looked like a good option.

"Probably just because of the way the weather is," said Delia Ponce. "And I don't want to be anywhere where theres not a lot of people so might as well just stay in with the girls."

"Got me some Henny, just something to keep me warm you know," said Jackson Joseph.

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