Marcy business owners excited about nanotechology-related jobs

By Gary Liberatore

For those familiar with the section of the old Route 49 in Marcy now known as River Road, you may recall how busy it was before Interstate 790 was built  in 2003.

With the news that at least 1,500 jobs will be coming to the new QUAD-C building being built on the campus of SUNY IT, business and property owners along Route 49 are pretty excited about the chance of it booming once again.

The stretch of River Road to the east and to the west of Marcy-SUNY IT Drive, which leads into the SUNY IT campus, is filled with a number of small businesses, and also many vacant buildings, which just might become very valuable prime locations for new businesses who want to move in and capitalize on the heavier traffic expected in the area.

Brendon Candella, whose family has run a farm in Marcy for 90 years and also runs Candella Farm and Greenhouses on River Road, says the news of all of these jobs coming is like a shot in the arm for all of the business owners who have been here for years.

"I think it's going to be great for the area and look forward to it attracting more jobs and business," he said. "And I think it's going to show the rest of the country and the rest of the nanotechnology industry, 'Hey, look at Marcy.' We're here and we're open for business."

Marcy Discount Beverage owner Ron Martel says there's an excitement in the air, not only regarding what will take place in Marcy, but all around the region.

"I would love to see more business on 49.  I mean, years ago it was busier before they put that road (I-790) in," he said.  "It was jamming.  Maybe it will bring more business, which would be really nice for the area."

Candella, who is also a town council member in Marcy, went to the governor's big announcement last week, not knowing what that announcement was going to be.

He says when everyone there got word, there was quite a buzz in the room.

"The nanocenter and QUAD-C are going to be a kickstart for all of the empty and vacant buildings on River Road and in Marcy," he said. " We have some developments that have not been completed yet in town, housing developments, and I think those are going to fill up and construction is going to begin again on those. And there's some plans in the future for some townhouses down the road, and I think it's just going to be great for the town."

Candella says he believes River Road. could become the next Commercial Drive. "

The main pipeline from Utica to Rome died since 790 went in, but with this coming and on its way, I think it's going to bring this entire stretch back to life."

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