Marshall officials scramble following highway garage fire


MARSHALL, N.Y. (WKTV) - As residents stood and stared at the burned down Town of Marshall Highway Garage, and the charred equipment inside it, neighboring Town highway departments were lending a helping hand.

Trucks from the Town of Augusta, and Town of Kirkland made their way onto the Town of Marshall's property on Monday.

Sunday's fire destroyed most of Marshall's equipment, and it wasn't the first time fire struck the garage recently. Just in the past few weeks, an earlier fire had broken out. The fire was never called in to the fire department, because the two people on duty in the garage at the time, one of whom is a Fire Chief, put out the fire themselves.

Former Town of Marshall Supervisor, Tom Wilson, says not only is there a big mess to clean up, but the Town will have a mess on its hands trying to scramble and get the day to day maintenance done in the Town.

"I don't know what shape they are in now. I have not been here in a quite a few years," said Wilson. "They will have problems."

Current Supervisor, Nelson Blau, was unavailable for comment Monday morning because he and the Town board were meeting with insurance companies, a Town official said.

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