Mayor Palmieri rolls up his sleeves, preps for Boilermaker

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) – Mayor Robert Palmieri hit the streets of Utica Wednesday for the fiftieth Quality of Life Sweep since he took office. Crews cleaned part of the Boilermaker Road Race route in preparation for the big event.

“I chose to do the later portion or the halfway point of the Boilermaker because it’s usually our toughest spot to get clean,” said David Short, Commissioner for the Department of Public Works.

The mayor also rolled up his sleeves and used a chainsaw.

“I love getting my hands dirty. I’m a hands on, I said I was gonna be a hands on. If you don’t know the pulse of what’s happening in your city, you can’t change it,” said Mayor Palmieri.

“It’s really dirty and you get wet in the rain and you make yourself feel better by helping out your community,” said Short.

The Department of Public Works, police and firemen joined the mayor in his mission to clean the city.

“We’re cutting brush along fence lines. We're picking up trash, we're cutting weeds out of the curb lines, we're checking catch basins to make sure they're clean and whatever else we see that a runner would see,” said Short.

With thousands of people pouring into Utica this weekend, the mayor says it’s the city’s time to shine and they’re ready.

“We want to represent what the city is all about. It’s a very clean, safe city, warm, great people in this area and you want to make sure when they come in here is they captivate exactly what we are,” said Mayor Palmieri.

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