Mayor hopes to enhance Utica during his term


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Mayor Robert Palmieri took a "Quality of Life" tour with several city leaders Thursday night in Utica. The new mayor was joined by common councilors, and members from the police, fire and codes departments.

The tour gives them all a chance to see each section of Utica-- and spot anything that they would like to see changed. "We're just talking about areas in the City of Utica that hopefully within the next four years we're going to enhance," said Palmieri.

Shortly into the ride-- after driving down Rutger Street and Bleecker Street, Palmieri was already suggesting change. "There was a couple of areas where new legislation will be coming down," Palmieri said. "Where you have cars being parked on the grass, the unsightly look of a neighborhood takes away from it." Palmieri says there are some things that only the codes department is allowed to enforce, and because of their hours, they can't enforce those rules around the clock. "Legislation will be coming down within the next weeks that will give the ability for the Utica Police Department to enforce that."

"When people feel good about where they are living or where their businesses are, they are going to invest and bring other economic development. Absolutely... (they) want to feel safe and clean with the neighborhood they are living in and it's all about consistency with the Utica Police Department, the Fire Department and Codes Department-- this is achievable."

Palmieri said there was a lot of dialogue happening on the bus during the tour---he calls it enlightening. "Everyone communicating about what's best for our city... it's very very motivating."

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