Mayoral candidate vows to take action against street violence

By WKTV News

One mayoral candidate in Utica is taking a pro-active approach to taking back the city's streets

Robert Palmieri says there have been more than a half dozen street fights since January, many of which were large enough to be classified as small riots.

Police officers and citizens have been hurt in the fights, but also injured according to Palmieri: the city's reputation.

"We need to bring the city back," Palmieri said. "Our downtown is not an area for after-hour parties. Our downtown is an area for businesses to prosper and for economic development."

Palmieri vows to take back the streets of Utica one street at a time and wants to bring back neighborhood sweeps.

Other candidates running for Mayor of Utica are Republicans Robert Cardillo and Michael Cerminaro and Rainbow Candidate Ernie Sanita.

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