Mayor's Charity Gala to benefit "Utica Safe Schools"

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV)- It was all about the glitz and glammer at the 2nd Annual Mayor's Gala at the Radisson Hotel in Utica Saturday night.

This year the money raised will be donated to "Utica Safe Schools Healthy Students Partnership." It's an organization that works to ensure the students are healthier, safer and more successful in their choices.

The organization also helps fund the program that put resource officers in city schools.

The mayor says this is another perfect example of the community coming together. "You see it tonight, you see it during the Boilermaker, you see it during the Heart Run, you see it through Stevens Swan," said Mayor Robert Palmieri. "We are a giving community. That's what makes us so strong. That's why my passion at this point is -we will bring this city back- we will be strong once again because of events like this and more importantly it's the foundation of the community that we have in front of us."

Tickets to the gala were $50.

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