Medical experts testify in infant assault trial

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Medical testimony took place Wednesday in the assault trial of a Rome teen accused of breaking several of his baby daughter's bones.

Johnathan Greener and his attorney are suggesting that the child has a brittle bone disorder and that is to blame for her injuries. Two doctors who treated the baby at Upstate Medical Center took the stand and gave their opinions as to what caused the child's injuries, which include an arm bone broken clear through.

"My opinion is she sustained some degree of non-accidental trauma," said Dr. Melissa Schafer, who examined the eight-week-old baby girl at Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse in January.

The jury heard from the defendant by way of a videotaped interview between Johnathan Greener and investigators from the Child Advocacy Center in Utica.

"I'm not the person that takes care of her. I'm really not. I'm the breadwinner. I'm not the caregiver," said Greener. Minutes later, he went on to say that he is unemployed.

One doctor from the stand said that she didn't believe the child suffered from brittle bone disorder Osteogenesis Imperfecta partly because there's no family history and it's a genetic disorder. The doctor also said it's possible to have the disorder and not know it.

Testimony is finished. The defense did not call any witnesses. Attorneys will make closing arguments 9:30 Thursday morning. The jury is expected to begin deliberations around 11:00.

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