Will New York State be the next to legalize medical marijuana?


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Will New York State be the next to legalize medical marijuana?

According to the Associated Press, support is growing in the state Legislature and the topic is likely to become one of a handful of issues taken up when lawmakers return later this month.

Something that makes Cody Young of Lowlville very happy.

Young's father battled cancer for six years, before the disease took his life. During the years of chemo and radiation Young says his father was in excruciating pain and that's when he turned to marijuana.

"He didn't use medical marijuana, he used recreational marijuana," Young said." But for the purpose of helping his pain the cancer was causing, he was an advocate of it. He said it helped a lot with his appetite issues."

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi believes that medical marijuana should be allowed in New York State, as well. His believes if a person is suffering and a doctor is regulating the marijuana, there is no harm.

Brindisi said, "I support the legalization of medical marijuana in New York State. I suspect when we get back to session at the end of April this will be one of the issues discussed in both assembly and the senate."

What remains unclear is where the drug would come from if legalized.

According to the Associated Press, in New Jersey, a manager at one of the state's three dispensaries said the initial marijuana seeds and plants came from outside of the state. They would not elaborate for legal reasons.

Under federal law it's illegal to transport marijuana across state lines.


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