Meeting held to discuss future of Otsego Manor

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - Dozens of people packed in to the court house in Cooperstown Saturday to discuss the future of the Otsego Manor.

The purpose of the meeting was to let the public know why Otsego County is getting out of the nursing home business and selling the manor to a private provider. The Manor's administrator, Ed Marchi, says several options were looked at and found a lot of barriers for the home because it was operated by the county.

Many residents are concerned about letting a private business take over what the county has built.

Marchi said, "People are passionate because we have tried to deliver long term care in our county in a very different way. We have a $30 million building that's small households and neighborhoods and we have accomplished a beautiful incredible things on our journey since we opened the manor so people are afraid that all of the beautiful things that we do will go away."

CSEA's Karen Carpenter said, "I hear some specific stuff in answers in terms of the cost but I don't hear a lot of specific in terms of what they are really going to do to ensure that a new owner maintains quality of care and maintains staffing standards and is going to make sure that the nursing home continues for years to come."

Officials say the manor is costing the county $176 a day, for every person who lives there.

Officials are currently in the process of putting the manor on the market. Any sale would not take place for at least a year.

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