Meeting set for Tuesday regarding issues with Fulmer Creek

By WKTV News

GERMAN FLATTS, N.Y. (WKTV) - German Flatts Town Supervisor Frank Spatto says this week's heavy rains have once again highlighted the issues with the Fulmer Creek.

On Thursday, several feet of one farmer's land have been eroded along the creek in Mohawk, shortly before where the creek meets with the Mohawk River.

Spatto says he and others in this area of Herkimer County have been battling the problems with the Fulmer Creek for the past thirty years.

He says he is glad to hear the New York State Canal Corporation is looking into this particular section of the creek where the farmer's land is being eroded, "We've been trying for years to get something done. I am hearing now that the Canal Division is starting to look at it and hopefully do something with it, but you've got a twofold problem there, not only the farmer's losing his land, and the creek is out of its bed, but with all of the debris down there and when the ice comes out in the winter, that's where it anchors and that's where Mohawk gets flooded."

Spatto says there are numerous issues with the creek, "You fix it here, it breaks here. You fix it here, it breaks there. I guess we've got to have more patience than Mother Nature I guess."

Spatto says many of the problem downstream stem from one point, where there is a massive hillside which has debris falling from it on a consistent basis, "The problem is the sediment and debris that comes down right here fills up the stream below and when the stream is full of debris, the water has no place to go but over the banks."

He adds, "In the past we've had the Army Corps of Engineers and everybody here, and I won't use the language that was used, but they look at this site and they say Holy Cow, I mean it's so big, they don't know what to do with it."

Spatto says he is working with engineers regarding a new way to possibly alleviate some of the problems from the creek when it rains heavily.

He says he will have more information on that after he meets with those engineers on Tuesday.

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