Messy commute, frustrating travel as snowy weather hits


The weather made for a messy commute as people tried to drive home from work Friday evening and it was a similar, frustrating situation for travelers who were trying to get home by bus or train before the snow.

Union Station in the City of Utica was filled with some travelers changing their plans on Friday after buses east and west were canceled due to the storm, forcing people to travel home by train instead.

"I got pushed back about an hour," said Jacob Nigolian, a Utica College student who was trying to get to Syracuse. "I'd like to leave, but just trying to get home as soon as possible."

Nigolian said it was frustrating because he heard about the storm, but the weather seemed fine when his bus was cancelled.

"The train was almost full because everyone's plans have changed," said Roland Hoffman, headed to Rochester. "Because of the snow, the planes aren't flying, buses aren't running, so have no choice but to take Amtrak."

Numerous municipalities were asking to have vehicles off the streets throughout the evening to let snow plows start to clean up.

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