Meth lab busted in Sylvan Beach as house deemed unfit for occupation

By WKTV News

SYLVAN BEACH, N.Y. (WKTV) - Neighbors cheered as a Sylvan Beach codes official posted a house at the corner of Vienna Rd. and 15th Ave. as unsafe and unfit for occupation.  
State Police and Oneida County Sheriff's Investigators raided the home early Wednesday morning, armed with a search warrant for methamphetamine.  State Police chemists tested a suspicious substance on-site.  A State Police spokesperson says it tested positive.
"Coming out of the house we've been able to seize a weapon, some methamphetamine itself, some methamphetamine products, some of the devices you use to make methamphetamine," says NYSP Public Information Officer Jack Keller.
Police evacuated the area after finding what appeared to be an explosive device.  They determined it wasn't, but still kept the evacuees away until mid-afternoon, due to the potential volatility of meth labs. 
Police took one look inside the house and called codes officials. 
"It violates probably almost all of the NYS property maintenance code other than perhaps the lawn," said Village Administrator and Codes Official Joseph Benedict. 
Neighbors yelled, "it's about time!"  from passing cars.  Others cheered from their front porch.  They say they've long suspected criminal activity at the house. 
"You don't really see, other than him and his girlfriend, you don't really see the same person twice very often. Lots of vehicles in and out....I've lived here for 20 something years and I mean, seriously, my couch looks right know, I sit at my couch to watch TV and I'm looking directly out the window across the street," says Heather Day.
Oneida County Sheriff's Department Officials said earlier Wednesday they were questioning two people, but have not yet said if that questioning has resulted in any arrests.  
State Police say an occupant of the home was on probation for a prior offense. 


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