Middleville home catches fire again


MIDDLEVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - New York State police investigators says a Middleville home that was torched by arson on August 1st appears to have been set on fire again Saturday morning.

Five people had to be rescued from the home on Main Street back on August 1st. One woman, Jessica Durand suffered some serious smoke related injuries and was in a Syracuse hospital for ten days before being released.

The fire department was initially called to the home after someone poured gasoline on the stairs. Crews removed the carpet, and two hours later, they were called back because the house was on fire. That fire was ruled to be arson.

State police say Saturday morning's fire started just before 2:00 a.m..

No details are being released just yet, but investigators say the cause this time around, also appears to be suspicious in nature.

Aaron Freeman lives next door and says he got up and heard a lot of commotion outside, "saw a bunch of kids banging on the back door saying get out of the house, your house is in fire. In the right side and the back side I believe people were still living in there, even though there was already a fire there once."

Middleville resident Art Nicotera says he and his wife are kind of unnerved by what's happened, "I can't believe somebody would be running around doing something like this, it doesn't make sense. Nicotera says everyone is talking about this in town, "first time was bad enough, but a second time in a little village like this, you don't expect something like this, I mean it's got us even debating about staying in the village now."

State police are not releasing much information on this latest fire just yet, but they do say the cause this time around, also appears to be suspicious in nature.

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