Mohawk Valley Frontiers Club honors their own while celebrating MLK


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Each year on Martin Luther King Day, the Mohawk Valley Frontier Club comes together at a luncheon where they spread the message of the late Dr. King through kind acts toward the areas youth.

It's no mistake that the Mohawk Valley Frontiers gather on MLK day to recognize the achievements of the area's youngest and brightest.

"We do a lot of different things to get children to discover who they are, and once they discover who they are, we try to turn that light bulb on and say 'ah, I can be something,'" said Jawwaad Rasheed, a member of the MV Frontiers Club.

One of the Junior Frontiers honored Monday was Vincent Gallaway, a Proctor Senior near the top of his class academically. Gallaway is now on his way to a college in New England to study Forensic Science.

While Gallaway would have went on to school anyway, he said the Frontier club gave him an extra push to be the best he could be.

"To make sure I am prepared for college, make sure I have taken certain classes, make sure that when it's time for college, I have all the credits I need," Gallaway said.

The group's luncheon serves two purposes - showcase the achievements of all those in the club, and carry on the message of Dr. King, not just on his birthday.

"His eternal hope makes me believe that no matter how tough times may get and no matter how bad or bleak things may look, I believe it will happen," Rasheed said. "He has been there, he's been to the mountain top. When he says that, what he is trying to say is - you can't get weary, you can't get tired. You have to understand that work has to get done, and more importantly, it will get done."

The Frontiers Club donated $1,200 to the Martin Luther King Elementary School in Utica.

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